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Our Origin Story

A personal journey from our founder

Heather Johnston (pictured with her son)

While visiting his father’s house, my son (who has autism) snuck out of the house in a split second and after making it 3 blocks away, was hit by a car on the highway. He spent 5 nights in a hospital being treated for a fractured skull and cranial bleed, which he eventually recovered from fully. In order to prevent this from happening again we embarked on a fundraising adventure to provide Terry with a service dog along with tightening up security in both of his homes. But the costs of everything became the greatest eye opener for me and my close friends. On top of the costs just to keep a child with autism safe, there are also costs to keep them thriving and comfortable. These costs extend to many, many disorders that involve sensory processing challenges. So here we are, heading into a quest to make sure these tools and resources are never too expensive to provide to these people who desperately need them.

Origin: About Us
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